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1. Notice to Public and Business Users

Human Logistics Ltd operates a Private Hire service to the public and Businesses within our area of operation.

We are licensed and insured to undertake any of the below services within our area of operation or by customer request. Information made available by you, to the public, i.e. Marketing, Advertising, networking or contact regarding any liable issues made by any persons or business, will be pursued legally if Human Logistics Ltd believes it has had a negative impact upon any part of our business.

2. Notice of licenses

All our vehicles have a Green Vehicle license plate, attached to the back of the vehicle. This plate has the authority of which the plate was issued. 

The vehicle number and date of expiry are also visible. Any vehicle for hire needs one of these, it’s your notice that the license issuing council have checked the vehicle and has passed safe for your hire. Some of our vehicles (for customer’s contractual reasons) maybe discreetly plated. In these cases, the vehicle plate is displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle. 

Drivers also have private hire badges, this also has a driver number on it, it’s a legal requirement to have them and be visible. This is a legal form of Identification for taxi drivers.  You have the right to ask to view it and obtain the number if needed.

We also observe the conditions of a valid Operator’s licence.  We hope a complaint would never reach the council about us, however it’s our duty to inform you of our Operators Licence number if you need it, which is: PHO 0149.

3. Notice of Contractor Hire

Human Logistics Ltd operates its fully licensed Vehicles and uses a network of local contracted suppliers. Our suppliers meet the exacting standards we demand and hold all the relevant legal documentation to undertake private hire bookings. Upon Booking with us you accept we may Contract any booking without notice to yourself, you also accept that any quotation we give is based upon rates issued by Human Logistics Ltd and contracted rates may vary.

Please Note: Any Accident involving Human Logistics Ltd, yourself or business with a supplier or contractor driver (not directly employed by Human Logistics Ltd) will involve a claim against the drivers own insurance policy and not the policy of Human Logistics Ltd unless by their neglect. Upon booking with us you accept this clause.

Human Logistics Ltd holds employer liability and Personal liability insurance with each driver, However as with most Taxi Businesses contractors are common place, thus making insurance valid with the driver.

You have the right to cancel any bookings without penalty if a price issue arises because of the above matter, however any booking cannot be cancelled without penalty due to a contractor attending instead of a preferred driver or person.

4. Quotation Notice

All quotations issued by Human Logistics Ltd are valid for seven days only. Human Logistics Ltd reserves the right to amend any quote at any stage through the booking process, or while a customer is in transit for the following reasons: 

  • Flight Changes / Airport Amendments.  
  • Adding to agreed journey mileage. 
  • Adding to the length of time expected for either for departure or in Transit. 
  • Failure to attend / Cancellation in transit 
  • Excessive waiting before, either departure or during transit of over 20 minutes.  Excluding at Airports. 

Quotations (as above) are only valid for work being undertaken by Human Logistics Ltd, any quotations unless stated, does not cover contractors we may use. You will be advised if a price change is acceptable to you providing the booking has been made 72 hours in advance.

5. Booking Terms to all Customers

Web Bookings

Bookings Placed through the website are subject to the below conditions and all conditions listed on this page. Please allow a minimum of two working hours for any response. Human Logistics Ltd works with external web hosting providers, and mobile communications, Human Logistics Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies or assumptions made any customers due to a breakdown in communication by using this service.  

Phone Bookings

Bookings Placed via Phone: 01295 230074, are subject to the below conditions and all conditions listed on this page.  

Email Bookings

Bookings Placed by Email: is subject to the below conditions and all conditions listed on this page. 

Text Bookings

Bookings Placed via Text: 07515821770, are subject to the below conditions and all conditions listed on this page. 

Bookings by Post

Bookings Placed by post: 32 Twyford Road, Twyford, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3JQ, are subject to the below conditions and all the conditions listed on this page. We do not accept liability for loss of any information you send us by any form of postal service.  

Your personal information will be required to meet the minimum standards of our licensing agreements with Cherwell District Council, and to avoid Inaccurate bookings. Recovery may be started against you to recover any loss of earnings for inaccurate bookings placed either deliberately or otherwise.

6. Customer In Transit Conditions 

Human Logistics Ltd does not accept liability for missing flights or any deadline during hire of our Airport Transfer service. This is for but not limited to the below reasons: 

  • Customer arriving late for departure  
  • Vehicle breakdowns  
  • Incorrect information given by the customer at the point of booking or in transit. 

Human Logistics Ltd will not accept liability or pay claims for lost monies or earnings for missing any deadlines or any hire. Human Logistics Ltd may if requested give advice of an adequate departure time but this holds no guarantee for meeting any deadlines.

Human Logistics Ltd may also but are not obliged to give advice of a route for any journey. traffic or accidents issues on the route may lead to missing deadlines through no fault of Human Logistics Ltd or Contractors.

7. Breakdowns & Attendance Disclaimer 

For reasons out of Human Logistics Ltd or our Contractors control, we may experience breakdowns of any Vehicle with any customer in transit or before we meet your destination to commence hire. Spencer Cars ltd does not accept liability for failure to attend or part attend due to a breakdown of Vehicle. You are reminded that Human Logistics Ltd may not be able to immediately send a replacement Vehicle but our best efforts will be made to find a replacement vehicle in this event. 

For Breakdowns while in transit, Human Logistics Ltd or our Contractors will endeavor to find a replacement car, Firstly within our company and then look to source the nearest available car from other sources. Human Logistics Ltd does not accept claims for payment for any replacement Vehicle due the above reasons, however, no fare will be due to Human Logistics Ltd or relevant contractors in this event.

Human Logistics Ltd will also not pay reward or compensation for failing to attend for any hire for the, but not limited to, the below reasons:

  • Adverse weather conditions which is deemed unsafe by Human Logistics Ltd or its Contractors 
  • Breakdown of any Vehicles  
  • Serious illness of any driver which would risk the health of either passengers, driver or be unsafe to drive 
  • Incorrect information given to Human Logistics Ltd regarding: address or passenger information 
  • Failure to attend by the customer within a reasonable time of 20mins 

8. Price & Waiting Time

Journey (Local & Long Distance)

  • Journeys are priced per mile, while the customer is in transit only. Further charges will apply for distances outside our area before your hire commences for journeys more than ten non-journey miles away from area destination. Our Journey Mileage rates are detailed below but are subject to the above conditions. All prices below are subject to VAT on top of the below rates. 
  • Journeys may be discounted for customers with accounts.  
  • Journeys three to twenty miles up to: £2.99 per mile. 
  • Journeys twenty one to thirty miles up to:. £2.89 per mile. 
  • Journeys thirty one miles or over. £2.59 per mile. 
  • Minimum charge of £10.00 applies if mileage rate is lower than the minimum charge. 
  • Journeys One plus to Three Miles up to: £5.76 per mile. 
  • Journeys Under One Mile up to: £10.00 per mile. 
  • Further charge applies for Accounts or specific journeys. We will advise you if required. 

8.1 Airports Transfers

Please contact Human Logistics Ltd by: Web, Phone, Email or Text to confirm the current rate for each Airport transfer from your specific destination.

MPV Additional Charge 

An additional charge of up to 75.00% of the CAR fare is added to fares for hire of 5 or more persons, or when a MPV is requested. This is an additional charge on top of any mileage or Airport rates.  

Minimum Spend on Invoices  

A £20.00 minimum spend is applicable to all customers to have work invoiced, a charge of £3 is added to any hire of lower value than £20.00, multiple orders of under £20.00 on invoice will not incur a charge. 

Copy Invoice Charge 

Copy invoices can be sent by Email free of charge within 72 Hours of request. A charge for a hard copy is £3, payable by separate invoice included with your requested copies. For invoice terms please see term 13.1.  

8.2 Disabled Passengers 

We will not charge extra for passengers with disabilities, and allow guide dogs in our vehicles on all occasions. We make every effort to accommodate all passengers, some vehicles though are not suitable for wheelchair access. 

9. Cancellation fees

Human Logistics Ltd operate a cancellation fee policy to all customers.

Account Customers 

All journeys booked with Human Logistics Ltd cancelled within 24hrs but before 1hr of commencement of hire will be charge at a rate of 50% of the full amount of the individual or combined journeys within this time period. Journeys cancelled after 1hr of the arranged start of hire is charged at 100% of the job value, inclusive of any additional charge for sundry items (parking etc) if hire has commenced. 

Non Account Customers & Credit Card Customers 

All journeys with a combined value of £250.00 inclusive of VAT is subject to a 50% deposit payable at the point of booking. This deposit is deducted off the fare at the point of final payment. This deposit is non refundable from 48hrs before the commencement of hire. 

10. Account Customers & Charges 

Accounts may be offered by Human Logistics Ltd to both private and Business customers subject to Human Logistics Ltd being satisfied payment will be obtained.  Human Logistics Ltd reserves the right to determine the length of payment terms offered to any business or person. Account payment terms are displayed at the bottom of each invoice.

Further charges will apply for any account customers who have not cleared full payment with Human Logistics Ltd within the set times detailed on the invoice.  These charges are outlined below and are to be accepted by customers wishing to have an account.

  • One week overdue: £0.00 but a reminder letter or Email is sent. 
  • Two weeks overdue: £12.00 payable by invoice sent with second reminder letter. 
  • Three weeks overdue: Human Logistics Ltd will suspend your account if applicable and a further £12.00 payable by invoice, usually but not limited to be sent with a final demand. 
  • Four weeks and over: Additional £12.00 per week, during legal proceedings until cleared payment of all invoices and charges outlined above. 

11. Night Charges

Human Logistics Ltd undertakes bookings twenty four hours a day, all bookings between the hours of 2359 and 0530 have an additional charge of up to £5.99. This is on top of any other charges or fares that may apply. 

12. Waiting Charges

Waiting charges are not applicable for general Airport Transfers. Unless the below requirements are requested or applicable: 

  • The Airport Destination is Changed without informing Human Logistics Ltd
  • The Flight is changed without informing Human Logistics Ltd  
  • You Request we wait for further passengers  
  • You request we wait for any reason, except waiting for baggage out of your control 

Waiting fees do apply to all other hire if the customer has requested Human Logistics Ltd to wait, or the customer has a delay for any reasons except within Airports but not excluding the above conditions, at a rate of £35.00 + VAT per hour. 

13. Credit Card Payment.

Credit Card payments are subject to a transaction fee of up to 0% of the total value, Debit cards are subject to a fee of £0.00 per transaction. Card payments are subject to the terms bound by the cardholders bank or card issuer. We may ask the customer to call with the credit card details if a payment terminal is not in the vehicle (i.e contractor to Human Logistics Ltd).  
Please note: PayPal payments online are subject to 7.9% fee added to the total cost of invoice.  

Refunds will be issued back onto the card of payment only, please contact us for refunds of any payment within 28 days of the original transaction.

13.1 Invoice & Ebilling:

To subscribe to e billing you must nominate an email address for Human Logistics Ltd to send invoices too. You MUST inform us if this email address is no longer valid BEFORE we send an invoice to it. When an invoice is sent by e billing, your account terms will be active for that invoice from the date of sending, we may charge for late payments over your account terms. If you require a copy invoice please contact us. You can expect to get your invoice emailed to you within 14 days of the hire being completed.

Paper invoicing which requires postage, will be subject to a £0.75 charge added to each invoice, if multiple invoices are sent together then just one fee of £0.75 will be added. Paper invoicing is subject to the above in respect of account terms, your account will have a "day's" limit in which to pay from the date of invoice as above, late payment charges may be added for late payments. 

14. Soiling and Damage of Vehicles 

Human Logistics Ltd operates a charge of £95.00 +VAT  for soiling its or contractors vehicles, this charge may be applied but not limited to the below damage

  • Urine  
  • Faeces  
  • Mud 
  • Sickness 
  • Paint 
  • Ink 
  • Food and Beverages 

In addition, Any issue which causes cosmetic damage to vehicles during hire. 

Human Logistics Ltd reserves the right to add in addition to this charge the cost of repairs if the vehicle cannot be brought to an acceptable standard due to soiling or damage. 

This charge will be applied by Invoice directly to the customer or business, and is subject to all the conditions on this page. 

15. Privacy Statement & Contact With us

Human Logistics Ltd may use any details given to us at any stage of contact for the purpose of Marketing, Contact or pass on details to contractors to complete hire. No personal information is passed verbally or in writing to any company not directly involved with your booking. We give all customers the opportunity to remove themselves from any marketing, except by post.
To remove yourself completely from all marketing, including via post, from Human Logistics Ltd please advise at the point of contact or Email

16. Abusive Customers

Human Logistics Ltd and its Contractors reserve the right to cancel any work, both during or Part complete due to abusive customers. Human Logistics Ltd will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse either in the vehicle or by Phone, Text or Email. We will work tirelessly with the Police and Cherwell District Council to prevent and take action against those who are abusive to our staff and contractors.

Human Logistics Ltd also reserves the right to take action to recover any lost earnings due to abusive being sustained.

17.  General Payment Conditions to all Customers

Human Logistics Ltd will ask each customer how they wish to pay for any hire they book at the point of booking, customers are reminded it is their responsibility to make full payment to Human Logistics Ltd or Contractors within the agreed terms to avoid charges. You may pay by: Cash, Account*, Invoice*, and Credit or Debit Card (including Amex).

*Subject to approval by Human Logistics Ltd. Please note some contractors may not accept credit or debit cards. 

If customers fail to pay within the agreed terms at the point of booking, your bill will then be sent to you by invoice. You will then be bound to the terms of our Invoice customers, which in turn may result in additional charges and legal proceedings. 

18. Damage to property either in transit or Otherwise

Human Logistics Ltd passes all claims of damage to luggage or property to its insurance provider. No claims no matter how small will be paid directly. Human Logistics Ltd will assist in any way to help any customer who has had any losses caused by us. Human Logistics Ltd would like to remind customers to store luggage securely in any vehicles to avoid damage.

19. Policy Changes or Amendments

Human Logistics Ltd reserves the right to change or make amendments to any part of these conditions providing we give 30 day’s notice, via either but not limited to: Website, Post, Email or Text. Amendments made to our terms will be given in writing to any account customers with the above notice period.

20. Web Authors & Contact details

This website is owned and maintained by Human Logistics Ltd. Our contact details are c/o Bambury & Co, Bicester Innovation Centre, Telford Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 4LD. All artwork and Text is owned by Human Logistics Ltd, and may not be used without permission. The three car logo, name Human Logistics Ltd are © protected and owned by Human Logistics Ltd. 

21. Reward Points

Reward points are no longer being issued or accepted. 

22. Terms Acceptance

Any bookings, Quotes or Contact however made, are subject to all the above terms and conditions.